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NFT Paris attendees were treated to a unique experience with the debut of the Nouns 3D-Printed Fashion Collection. Talented designer, Danit Peleg, showcased her latest collection of 3D-printed apparel, which drew inspiration from Nouns DAO‘s open-source intellectual property.

Peleg’s collection featured five outfits, each inspired by specific Nouns NFTs from the popular profile picture (PFP) collection. The designs featured the iconic Nouns glasses, or “Noggles,” and carefully recreated avatars from the Nouns brand.

Peleg is well-known for her innovative use of new technologies in fashion design, and the Nouns 3D-Printed Fashion Collection was no exception. The apparel was created using various 3D printing processes that allowed for intricate designs and unique shapes, for example, Polyjet (which enables multiple colors and textures) and the velvety-textured Multi Jet Fusion. The resulting pieces were eye-catching, futuristic, and truly one-of-a-kind.

Nouns DAO Creating Opportunities

Launched in 2021, the Nouns DAO has rapidly become a favorite within the Ethereum community thanks to its open-source IP and community-driven approach. To further demonstrate the potential of NFTs, the project funded the Nouns 3D-Printed Fashion Collection for $140,000, granted in three separate milestones.

Peleg, the collection’s designer, highlighted the importance of building trust with the community. She noted that her success in receiving higher funding was based on her ability to start small and deliver value, which earned her community’s support. Peleg believes that trust is essential for any project that wishes to explore the boundaries of NFTs.

“I found inspiration in everything about Nouns, from the community to the NFT structure and the amazing things Nouns could do with their treasury,” said Peleg. “I realized that the best way I can contribute to Nouns is by using my specific domain expertise in 3D printing and fashion.”

The Nouns DAO’s creative and progressive approach to intellectual property has opened up a wealth of creative possibilities for designers like Peleg, who use NFTs to create unique collections and projects. Peleg was particularly drawn to the project’s open-source Creative Commons 0 (CC0) model, which allows anyone without a Nouns NFT to develop and market their projects and products based on the brand. Peleg believes this model is the perfect way to explore the potential of NFTs in her work and build a strong community of supporters.

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