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You know the name, but can you pronounce it correctly?

For the fourth in our series of how to pronounce brands, we’re looking at household brands.

Despite their popularity, you’re probably mispronouncing many famous brands such as Nutella, Evian, Godiva, Sriracha, Zara, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Bayer, L’Occitane and many more.

Last year social media blew up as people started to realise they’d been mispronouncing Ikea for years. Interestingly, adverts in the UK have been using the correct Swedish pronunciation but not in the USA. For the record, it should be pronounced ‘ee-KAY-uh’, not ‘Eye-key-ah’.

Ellesse even used consumer confusion around their name to drive social content. Taking to the streets of the UK, Ellesse asked people to pronounce their name. Those who got it right were rewarded with Ellesse goodies. While the rest provided some entertainment, they also showed that the brand still has some work to do.

After walking the streets and listening in on conversations in shops, we’ve heard some doozies! So here’s our list of the most common brands with their incorrect and correct pronunciations.

Check your favourite brand and make sure you’re saying it right.

Household brands and their pronunciation (A-Z)

Brand Name Correct pronunciation Incorrect
2XU Two Times You Two-Ex-You
Adidas AH-dee-dahs Ah-dee-das or Adi-das
Adobe Ah-doh-bee Ah-dobe
Aesop Ee-sop Ay-sopp
Bayer BY-er BAY-er
Bebe Bee bee Beh beh or bay bay
Clinique clee-neeque Clin-eeek
Danone Dan-on Dan-own or Dan-one
Dr Oetker Doc-tor Urt-ker Doc-tor Oat-ker or Et-ker
Ellesse El-ess El-essie or El-ee-s or El-see
Estée Lauder Est-eh Law-der Est-ay Loud-er
Evian Eh-vee-on Evi-an or Ev-iun
Ferrero Rocher fuh-RREH-rro RO-shay fuh-reh-ro Ro-share
Glossier Gloss-ee-ay Glaa-see-ur
Godiva Go-dee-vuh Guh·dai·vuh or God-EYE-vuh
Guerlain Ger-lah Ger-lane
Haier High-er Hair or hay-er
Huawei wHaa-way Wa-way or Hugh-a-wee
Hugo Boss Hoo-go Baas Hyoo-go Boss
Ikea ee-KAY-uh Eye-key-ah or Eye-KAY-uh
Kérastase keh-ras-tass Keh-ra-stay-se
Kikkoman Kick-oh-mun Kick-er-man
L’Occitane Lok-see-tahn Lo-ocki-tayne
Lego Le-go Lay-go or Le-gow
Miele Meal-uh Mee-ell or Mee-lay
Nestlé NEST-lay Ness’l or Ness-lee
Nike Ny-key Ny’k
Nivea Nee-ve-ah Niv-ia
Nutella New-TELL-uh Nut-ella
NYX Nix N.Y.X.
Ocado Uh-car-doh Oh-car-doh
Reese’s Rees-is Rees-ees
Samsung Sam-song SAM-sung
Saucony SAW-kun-ie Saw-COH-nee or Sauce-oh-nee
Shein She-in Sheen
Sriracha See-rotch-ah Sri-rach-cha or suh-raa-chuh
Stila STEE-la Sty-la or Stil-ia
Stüssy Stoo-see Sta-see or Stuss-ee
Toblerone Tobe-la-rone Tobb-la-rone or Tob-le-one
Twinings Twigh-nings Twin-ings
Uniqlo YOO-nee-klo Yoo-nuh-klo
Xiaomi SHAU-mee Chow-my
Zara Tsah-dah Zah-rah

This list has been compiled from various sources, including representatives from the brands. In some cases, there are conflicting sources and we have opted for what is most commonly accepted.

If want to challenge any of the pronunciations, or suggest some more brands that are incorrectly pronounced, please contact us or leave a comment below and we’d be happy to update this list.

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Michael Hughes

Michael is Managing Partner and Strategy Director at Truly Deeply. His deep expertise is in unlocking the strategic power of your brand to create a differentiated, compelling and authentic brand proposition that will engage all your audiences and drive your business growth. Michael has extensive experience working with leading Australian and International organisations across just about every sector.

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