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NFT gated content has emerged as one of the tech’s stand-out use cases, and lately it has gained traction among some big players. The latest, sees Web3 music platform, Audius, adopt the model to access content for a number of artists under its banner.

In a recent announcement, the platform notes that it is adding a feature that allows holders of specific NFTs to access a given artist’s music. The news comes just weeks after Spotify began experimenting with token-gated playlists.

That said, artists signed up on Audius that have released their own non-fungible tokens can “gate” their music and other forms of content in a manner that only holders of their collections can access. Moving forward, music fans can link their crypto wallets to Audius and access the specific artist’s catalog, where they will confirm they hold the required NFTs to listen to the music. Additionally, they will have access to B-sides, any unreleased songs, and other types of content the artist might own.

Audius Aims To Boost Fan Engagement

The goal is to create deeper connections between fans and artists. According to Forrest Browning, cofounder and chief product officer of Audius, “A big focus of Audius from day one is enabling deeper connections and deeper interactions between the fans and the artists directly.”

He goes on to add,

“In the future, there will be many other ways that you could demonstrate to an artist that you’re a superfan, but if you purchase one of their NFTs, that feels like a fairly strong signal.”

Interestingly, Audius aims to serve even artists that don’t own individual NFT collections. For instance, if an artist is an active NFT community member of the BAYC community or any other collection, they can token-gate their content using those NFTs.

The new feature is the result of months of hard work. Audius began working on this feature early last year, with the ultimate goal being to boost fan engagement.

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