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High flying AI and NFT artist, Claire Silver, is set to showcase her latest collection at the Louvre in Paris on March 21. Her innovative use of technology in creating digital paintings, blending traditional artistic techniques with cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning, has earned her worldwide recognition and admiration from her peers. 

Silver’s work has been widely lauded for its bold use of color, and hypnotic imagery. Her upcoming exhibition promises to challenge traditional notions of art, offering a fascinating glimpse into the future of creativity in an ever-evolving world. The exhibition, in association with the Superchief gallery, will feature “Can I Tell You a Secret,” a collection 100 post-photography pieces created with AI. In addition to her infamous 1 of 1, “Love in the Fourth Turning,” which will also be on display. 

Silver writes in her artist statement, “I see AI as liberation, as an extension of the imagination, deeply personal, inexorable from the artist using it. I want this collection to challenge the notion of the machine overpowering the humanity inherent to art.”

The upcoming exhibition at the Louvre will be a major event in the art world, featuring a variety of styles and subjects. Essentially, marking the latest in a series of high-profile events for Silver, who has quickly become one of the most talked-about artists working today. Her work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions worldwide and has gained a large following on social media.

Claire Silver, the AI-movement Advocate Signs for WME

Artist Claire Silver, who is known for collaborating with artificial intelligence in her post-photography work, has signed with talent agency WME and will have her work showcased at the Louvre through Superchief Gallery NFT. Despite being doubted by traditional artists, Silver’s work has been exhibited worldwide, sold at Sotheby’s London and on SuperRare.

Her influence and popularity extend far beyond this upcoming exhibition, as evidenced by her landmark sales in the NFT space, with her genesis piece, “c l a i r e,” fetching a staggering 52 ETH (over $92,000) on SuperRare. Her AI-collaborative art collection, AI Art is Not Art, has also surpassed 1,000 ETH in trading volume on the secondary market, with 50 sales in the last 30 days.

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