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It’s true that there is higher competition in today’s business marketplaces compared to before. So, to achieve success, you must first develop an effective personal branding strategy. And one of the vital tasks you need to do to acquire that personal branding approach when developing your brand is to establish a great personal branding statement. This special and succinct statement will form the core of your entire branding efforts moving forward. That is why it’s crucial to get it right. In this article, let us learn about six of the greatest personal brand statement examples to help you learn about the taglines in depth.

What is a Personal Branding Statement?

It’s essentially a single or double-sentence phrase that helps to correctly summarize what your brand stands for and how it is helpful for you. Consider the statement your catchphrase. The best examples of personal branding statements show that they are concise, memorable, and catchy. It’s significant to have a personal branding statement, irrespective of your career path. The statement helps you stand out from the crowd.

The tagline is very important, so you should get to know it better. To find the best one, you also need to put a lot of time into it. You should look at well-known brands and their products to gain firsthand knowledge of the best personal branding statement examples.

Learning about Six Personal Branding Statement Examples

First Statement: “Do You Want More Traffic?” by Neil Patel

In the present world, every business and website wants to generate more traffic. Neil is one of the world’s best internet marketers and is world-renowned for his SEO and traffic-generating abilities. So, Neil’s knowledge and veteran experience regarding SEO is surely a gold mine. He knows clearly how to establish more traffic on the website. His statement works overwhelmingly because he has a sturdy reputation regarding his capabilities.

Second Statement: “Be a Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys.” by Larry Kim

If you are not able to find a good statement relating to your brand directly, then go for something very different and unique like Larry Kim. Larry is not only a search marketing expert but also the founder of Mobile Monkey and Wordstream. He provided the above statement, in which he inspires millions of people to be something different from the typical crowd.

Third Statement: “Empowering Ridiculously Good Marketing” by Ann Handley

The above simple sentence with only four words is enough to convey the message you want to share with the people if you have the necessary qualifications and capabilities. That’s what Ann Handley did. She is a pioneer in the world of digital marketing and assists other marketers in scaling up their marketing enterprises to generate remarkable outcomes. The terms are very unique, yet they speak about her capabilities. Moreover, statements containing ridiculous and empowering words catch the attention of the people.

Fourth Statement: “Sophisticated. Authentic. Timeless.” by Sofia Crokos

Sofia Crokos is a popular event organizer who has planned several celebrity weddings, like that of Robert Downey Jr. The statement tells us about her motivation: she targets sophistication, authenticity, and timelessness. Three different words aligned together provide the perfect tagline for her professional capabilities. The preceding statement allows you to envision a classy, sophisticated global event for yourself, which is only possible because of Sofia Crokos’s high qualifications.

Fifth Statement: “Create Less Content. (It’ll be fine! I promise!) by Brittany Berger

The above cheerful statement by Brittany Berger is very different from most taglines you will see. There is the “It’ll be fine and I promise part” to help set it apart by making it personal and relatable. Furthermore, she is encouraging people to create less content, which she claims she will efficiently use. So, for efficient content organization, Brittany Berger has gained prominence. 

Sixth Statement: “I Believe in You. Now You Must Believe in Yourself.” by Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is a professional certified fitness trainer who says that he believes in people and that he will try to inspire them to believe in themselves. He is someone who struggled against obesity in past, and that’s why he can relate to people with the same problem. His statement might not be unique, but this simple yet compelling statement perfectly shares his brand’s goals. While training, he will surely inspire people in their lives and also help them acquire their fitness goals.


These are six of the most popular personal branding statement examples which surely make you think about your brand. Before coming up with your brand tagline, you need to figure out the personality, tone, and voice of your brand. Furthermore, you need to show what your brand is bringing to the table and how that helps you. 

So, there are lots of steps you need to follow before trying to find the perfect brand statement. But going through the steps, and learning about others’ branding statements will surely help you to find one. That’s why looking at the best personal branding statement examples is necessary for conducting thorough research.

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